Volunteering at Club Sapphire

Volunteers are the face of our club and our community. This is a party and we want everyone including our volunteers to have fun. You help to create an exciting atmosphere but also keep everything running smoothly. Without our volunteers we would not be able to provide such wonderful parties for so many people. Each of you are what keep the club going and are extremely appreciated! Besides having a blast, we hope all of our volunteers will feel amply rewarded with free parties and/or credits that you can use towards future parties

How to Volunteer

All volunteers must be current members and in good standing. Volunteers will have attended several parties prior to volunteering. If you meet these requirements, please fill out your basic information to create a profile on our new volunteer app - SHIFTR.

Step 1: Please use this link: https://app.shiftr.works/new_setup/join.php?iC=SETUPCODE
For privacy reasons, please use your member number in place of your last name.

Step 2: We will set you up with an account on SHIFTR and the different volunteer positions you would be eligible for. You will be able to view upcoming schedules and choose the days and times that you are available or would like to help out.

Step 3: Select the Volunteer Shifts you would like to work. SHIFTR can be set to send reminders, so you don't forget your shift(s).

Step 4: Volunteer Hours/Trades

  • The party you work is FREE! (You must work a minimum of 2.5 hours to earn a free party.)
  • Bank your volunteer time
    • Example: You have worked multiple times as a Bartender and over the last month banked numerous volunteer hours. You and your partner are now going to attend a party together. You may use your volunteer credits to reserve for the party.
    • Partial cash payments are also permitted. If you don't have enough credits for another full party fee, simply use your credits with your payment to attend the party of your choice.
  • If you have a question send us an email, Information@ClubSapphire.net

Step 5: Volunteer and HAVE FUN

  • Do not miss out on the fun you can have DURING your volunteer hours as well as banking hours towards future parties! It is work, but still a great time for socializing and getting to know other members.

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